The Scholarship covers

  • Roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs (using a preferred travel agent and calculated against direct linear distance)
  • Participation costs such as tuition fees, registration fees and service fees where applicable
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance (Health, Accident and Travel)
  • A monthly subsistence allowance for the mobility period
  • Settling in Allowance
  • Research Costs: Students that received a scholarship equal or longer than 10 months are eligible to receive funds to cover their research needs. The indicative maximum amount of research costs per academic year is of 600 Euros for Master students and 2000 Euros for Doctoral candidates.  The distribution of funds from this pool shall be decided by the partners on the basis of the actual research needs of selected students. Students will be required to submit a budget for research.
  • An extra allowance corresponding to the monthly subsistence allowances will be paid per academic year to female master students and doctoral candidates, for mobility equal or longer than 2 academic years.
  • You are eligible for a second return ticket in case the mobility is equal or longer than two academic years.

Target groups från Mall

Elegibility criteria

  • Proof of nationality is provided
  • Fulfillment of the TG requirements
  • The Correct application form is used and completed
  • All required documents are provided
  • The application deadline is respected

You need to declare not to have already benefitted from a previous scholarship under the Intra.ACP Academic Mobility Scheme and the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

To commit not to benefit from another EU funded scholarship scheme to follow the samce academic programme during the mobility period

To reimburse the scholarship in case of incomplete or false declatrion

Selection process

Selection criteria

  • Academic performance (transcript results)
  • Personal motivation
  • Match between the home and host HEIs
  • Relevance and quality of study/research plan
  • Language skills


Notifications of application outcome to students are done as follows:

  • All applicants will be notified via e-mail
  • All applicants not selected for the programme are notified immediately after the selection decision has been made. Notification will include:
  • The results of the selection
  • The procedure to follow for an appeal to the selection decision

For the selected candidates the notification will include:

  • Instructions for further steps (visa guidelines, etc.)
  • A model of the Student Agreement
  • As well as any other relevant information

Appeal Procedure

 If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you may submit an appeal in writing to the coordinating unit no later than 14 days after taking receipt of the application outcome notification letter.

The coordinating unit will evaluate the grounds upon which the appeal was made.

If the reasons of the appeal are reasonable and legitimate, the coordinating unit will refer the matter to the Selection Committee whom will then evaluate the appeal.

The decision made by the Selection Committee will be referred to the Committee for ratification. Following which, the applicant will be informed of the decision in writing.

Cancellation of Studies

Important to note in the event of interrupted studies or in the case of drop-out

The scholarship can be put on hold if the student has to temporarily leave the host institution following duly justified and well documented reasons (i.e. illness etc.). In that case the scholarship payment must be interrupted he/she has returned to the host institution and can actively participate in the activities. If despite the temporary absence the scholarship holder can catch up on the study/research without extending the originally agreed scholarship duration, the monthly allowances corresponding to the period of interruption could be paid to the candidate if agreed among the partners and notified to the agency.

If the reasons are due to force majeure, the absence of the scholarship holder would lead to an extension of the originally agreed eligibility period in order to finalize the mobility concerned. Hence, the coordinator must send to the Agency a duly substantiated request to extend the eligibility period of the Grant Agreement in question. This request will be treated as an official amendment.

If the interruption is due to academic reasons, as students have to study or carry out research or other activities for a short period at the home country or at other countries which are not the ones of the institutions included in the partnership, the monthly allowance is not paid for this period. Mobility flows are not allowed between institutions placed in the country of origin/nationality of the individual(s) concerned. The interruption can take place only after 6 consecutive months of study at host institutions.

The mobility for staff can be split in several shorter periods of minimum one month each.

If a scholarship holder decides to withdraw before or during the study period, the Partnership has the possibility to replace her/him from the reserve list and within the deadlines for start mobility of the respective cohort. If such replacement is not possible, the remaining monthly allowance and participation costs could be reallocated to another scholarship holder.