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Frequently Asked Questions

About the academic aspects

1. How do I apply?

Carefully read the “Scholarships” section on the website. Please complete the online application. If you are a first time user, you will need to register; if you are already registered, simply login!

You will also be asked to submit electronic versions of your resume, essay responses, transcripts, and name and email of your references. Please scan your transcripts and resumes into electronic format (PDF format preferred for all requested documents).

3. What are the Scholarship categories?

Full degree scholarships for Masters and Doctoral students

Students who meet the criteria will be able to apply for full degree scholarship for completion of a masters or doctoral degree at one of the African higher education institutions in the consortium.

Academic and administrative staff mobilities

Staff employed by the higher education institutions of the consortium will be able to apply for short term mobility opportunities which could include benchmarking exercises, sabbatical research periods, guest lecturing, curriculum development, knowledge and resource sharing trips etc. on the basis that both institutions support the trip.

Exchange opportunities (Masters and PHD)

Students registered as full-degree students at one of the partner universities comprising the consortium, spend a short period (11 months minimum) at one of the other institutions in the consortium and return to their home institution after the exchange period to complete their degree at the home institution. Exchange students will spend their period at the host university as researchers mainly, being engaged in literature reviews, specialized theoretical or methodological training, or field studies and they will closely co-operate with their host and home institution supervisors.

4. Which data may I be requested to submit as part of my application?

You may be expected to submit (but not limited to); Personal contact information of the candidate, year of birth, CV, fulfillment with the eligibility criteria for a scholarship (proof of nationality, relevant requirements for different target groups and type of mobility, proof of sufficient knowledge of the tuition language at the host institution), choice of courses and/or study programme and preferred XXX host institutions.

5. What defines a Target Group?

Upon application you will be required to select the target group you belong to –

Target Group 1 (TG1) can be defined as:

African nationals and/ or residents registered in one of the Higher Education Institutions that is member of the consortium. In order to be considered eligible for TG1, applicants have to receive formal support letter (letter of recommendation signed by a senior lecturer or Dean) of the home institution.

Target Group 2 (TG 2) can be defined as:

African nationals and residents (students) registered in a Higher Education Insitutions of African countries not included in the partnership, or whom have obtained a Higher Education Institution degree or equivalent from an institution of these countries. This allows for providing mobility opportunities to students working in public administration, public and private enterprises.

6. What determines eligibility?

Applications from Students:

There are two target groups for students. To be eligible, master students as well as doctoral candidates referred as “students” must:

(a) Be a national and resident in any of the eligible countries covered by the relevant lot; and

(b) Be registered/admitted at one of the Higher Education Institutions within the Partnership at the time of the application for a scholarship (Target Group I) or be registered/admitted in a Higher Education Institutions (not included in the Partnership) of a country of the lot or having obtained a Higher Education Institution degree (or equivalent) by an institution of a country concerned by the lot (Target Group 2); and

(c) Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses in the host countries.

Applications from Staff

In order to be eligible, academic and administrative staff, hereafter referred as “staff”, must:

(a) Be a national and resident in any of the eligible countries covered by the relevant lot; and

(b) Work in or be associated with a Higher Education Institution within the Partnership.

In addition mobility assignments must be based on agreements between the members of the Partnership. The home and host Higher Education Institution and the individual staff must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting staff (for academic staff), on the research activities, on the type of training to be followed or on type of administrative cooperation to develop.

(c) Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses in the host countries.

7. When will I know the outcome of my application?

All rejected and accepted applicants will be notified immediately after the Project Academic Committee decision has been finalised.