Master application

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You may be expected to submit (but not limited to):
Personal contact information of the candidate, year of birth, CV, fulfillment with the eligibility criteria for a scholarship (proof of nationality, relevant requirements for different target groups and type of mobility, proof of sufficient knowledge of the tuition language at the host institution), choice of courses and/or study programme and preferred ARISE host institutions.


To be eligible, master students (referred to below as “students”) must:

(a) Be a national and resident in any of the eligible countries covered by the relevant lot; and

(b) Be registered/admitted at one of the Higher Education Institutions within the Partnership at the time of the application for a scholarship (Target Group I) or be registered/admitted in a Higher Education Institutions (not included in the Partnership) of a country of the lot or having obtained a Higher Education Institution degree (or equivalent) by an institution of a country concerned by the lot (Target Group 2); and

(c) Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses in the host countries.

Full degree scholarships for Master students

Students who meet the eligibility criteria above will be able to apply for full degree scholarship for completion of a masters degree at one of the African higher education institutions in the consortium.

Exchange opportunities

Students registered as full-degree students at one of the partner universities comprising the consortium, spend a short period (11 months minimum) at one of the other institutions in the consortium and return to their home institution after the exchange period to complete their degree at the home institution. Exchange students will spend their period at the host university as researchers mainly, being engaged in literature reviews, specialized theoretical or methodological training, or field studies and they will closely co-operate with their host and home institution supervisors.