Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Stellenbosch University
Contact Person: Mr Kendo Claasen
Tel: +27 21 938 9400

Master of Science (MSc) 

MBHG MSc requirements can be found here: 

Specific admission requirements 

The specific admission requirements for an MSc include an average final mark of more than 60% in one of the following qualifications from a recognized tertiary training institution: 

  • a BSc Honours degree with Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Engineering, Bioinformatics or Mathematical Science for acceptance for MSc postgraduate studies 
  • A BTech or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution for tertiary education, provided that you have passed a preliminary examination that:
    1. Was conducted according to clearly defined criteria stipulated by the Faculty Board in order to ensure an adequate scientific standard; 
    2. Was designed to assess your theoretical background and scientific maturity; and 
    3. Was conducted by the head of the department/division as convenor in which the intended postgraduate studies are envisaged, or by his/her delegate, together with at least one other expert in the relevant field of study who has been nominated by the Dean. 
  • You will be considered on merit by the Committee for Postgraduate Education on the basis of a curriculum vitae and a written recommendation by the Preliminary Examination Committee. 

a BVSc degree 

Application procedure and closing date 

Prospective MSc and PhD candidates are required to complete the MBHG pre-application process in addition to completing their official SU application. Prior to online application, candidates are encouraged to contact a potential supervisor and obtain permission to list them as their institutional hosts for postgraduate studies. 

  • 1st March: MBHG MSc and PhD pre-application process open 
  • 30th September: MBHG MSc and PhD pre-application process close (International AND National students) 

Duration of programme 

Duration: Two calendar years on a full-time basis 

Programme content: Molecular Biology 872(180) OR Human Genetics Thesis 872(180) 

Programme description 

Our MSc programme offered within our Division is a thesis-based programme with no study modules. The programme consists of a research project, thesis and project presentation. The program affords applicants the opportunity to develop their research skills as a scientist and master a variety of molecular techniques or analysis methods such as those related to bioinformatics.